Why Strength Training Is Important For Everyone?

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Why Strength Training Is Important For Everyone?

By Mandy Irvine


Strength training seems to be an overlooked subject by a lot of people, some think that just moving around doing their every day activities is enough to keep all the muscles in their body healthy, some believe that by strength training they will end up with massive muscles, some people believe they have no time!


We can see on the outside that we age, but what we don’t see is our muscles ageing. By our 30s our muscles start to deteriorate by about 3kg per decade, by time you get to your 60s and 70s, this rate doubles. With loss in muscle comes decreased physical performance, weight gain from fat and health issues from the slow down of your metabolic system. This process known as age related sarcopenia can be slowed down and even reversed with the correct training and diet.

By starting a strength training program you are also going to be rewarded with health benefits other than saving your muscles; increase in bone density, which will help prevent osteoporosis, better fat burning, decreased risk of injury and you will look and feel more attractive.


There are many types of ways to perform strength exercises and you don’t need a gym membership to do them. Bodyweight exercises can be done by everyone, they are very effective and low injury risk. Think squats, leg raises, press-ups. If you are someone who thinks that bodyweight isn’t effective, try doing a handstand and see how you feel, it won’t be as easy as you think, but you have just completed a shoulder, chest and back exercise using your full weight.


Resistance bands are an excellent inexpensive option. With the bands, you can make it as easy or as tough as you like by holding different parts of the band, which means you can easily change your workouts. They are also very low risk, no one has been injured by dropping a resistance band on their foot!


When it comes to dragon boating, paddlers have to have the strength to paddle their own weight, plus that of the boat. So strength training really complements the training you do on the water. It won’t improve your technique, only practice on the boat will do that, but by strengthening the muscles that are used you prevent muscle fatigue so you can make it through the session, you won’t suffer from sore muscles the day after and most importantly you will prevent injuries so you don’t risk losing time on the water.


Speak with your captain and coach for advice on how to get started building those muscles and eating better.

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