The Gaelic Dragons Logo

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The Gaelic Dragons Logo

A Sign of Unity and Continuity

The significance of Gaelic language and culture originated in Gaelic Ireland and southwest Scotland. Irish is a Celtic language, as is Scottish Gaelic, Manx Gaelic (Manx), Welsh, Breton and Cornish. David Beattie, our Founder, was of Welsh origin.

The Logo consists of three parts that are of Celtic Origin:


The Red Celtic Serpent Dragon

This is a sign of immortality. The sea serpent dragon is a giant wingless serpent. A symbol of power and wisdom among leaders. The  serpent dragon has its tail pointing towards its mouth. The serpent dragon is twisted upon itself, with its tail, ears and body parts weaving in and out of the Celtic Brooch. This symbolizes the cycle of nature in the world and immortality.


The Celtic Brooch

The Celtic brooch, more properly called the penannular brooch, is a type of clothes fastener, often rather large. “Annular” means formed as a ring and “penannular” formed as an incomplete ring. The Celtic Brooch is to be worn on the upper chest like the Celtic Warriors’ tattoo and is a logo or a sign of intimidation to our competitors.


The Celtic Knot for Unity


The pattern on the Brooch is a Celtic Knot or endless knot. It represents a never ending path and is often said to represent “permanence and the continuum of life.” The spiral arrangement contains equal numbers of whorls going each way and are thus in balance. The Triskelion is found at one end of the Pin. It represents the Past, Present and Future.

David Beattie wanted unity in the team. This was the only way to ensure continuity as members come and go. To him, it was important for all members in the team to have fun while we strive to be competitive during our races. Members have to stay united and share a common understanding. The pattern chosen is the Four-Cornered Knot. It looks like the Four Leave Clover which is a symbol of Good Luck. This is an essential element for every competitive race we go for.

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