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Gaelic Dragons come from all walks of life, nations and ethnicities. As part of the International Dragon Boat Community (IDBC), the Gaelic Dragons are comprised predominantly of expatriate team memebers as well as local Singaporean members. Individual Gaelics hail from countries like Ireland, Singapore, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the Philippines, Germany, the Netherlands and many, many more. Some have been paddling with the team for years, and some for just a few weeks.
What brings us all together is our sense of fun, and willingness to try something new! If you’ve just moved to Singapore, why not try something as truly Singaporean and South East Asian as Dragonboating! And as members will tell new paddlers, when you stick around the Gaelics, you find yourself not only with a new hobby, but also a new group of friends and a new family abroad.


So come on down and join us!