Our Committee 2017



The Gaelic Dragons committee is an elected group of Gaelic Dragon members who not only paddle, but perform much of the background work necessary to keep the Gaelic Dragons team paddling smoothly (get it?!).

Each member of the committee is nominated by a peer and elected for a one year term at the Gaelic Dragons Annual General Meeting (AGM), traditionally held in early February. To serve on the committee, you must be a current financial member who has been paddling with the Gaelic Dragons for at least 6 months prior to election.





Nuala McGlynn

As President, Nuala is the official representative of the Gaelic Dragons. It’s her job to make sure the Gaelic Dragons committee is performing up to par. She also has the final word in committee decisions and ensures that the committee (and sometimes our boat) stays on course.





Richard Magpantay

When not paddling, the Gaelics like nothing more than getting together to enjoy some craic! When it comes to organising all our fun non-paddling events, Richard is the man! He is also the Dance Commando not just for the Gaelics, but for the Singapore Barbarian.




Aoife Murray

Not only is Aoife our Best Female Paddler of the year 2016, she is also the secretary of the club. She makes sure our training runs smoothly and helps to organise a lot of our events and races.







Ali Chave








Sid Bhalla






Zyra Ditching (Zai)






Peter Butsch & Mandy Irvine



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Amar ‘Cash’ Kashmir





In addition to the above, Jess Golding & Aoife Murray have been nominated as our Vice-Captains.’



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