Let’s Get Stronger Together!

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Everything Gaelic you need to know this week! 

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Let’s Get Stronger Together!

We all know you’ve been complaining about that body pain since the week started (yeah, it took a lot of effort to write this as I just want to lie in bed after a day of work). But remember, winners don’t quit… We thank you all for an amazing effort you have put in the last weekend. Let’s keep the momentum going and keep training as a team! Together we are stronger!

We also like to thank everyone who joined us on our Newbie Day last weekend! You made our Saturday fantastic! For newbies, don’t hesitate to message Mandy Irvine on Facebook, or email committee@gaelicdragons.org if you have questions about membership or how to join.

Regular and Race Training

Wednesday 6.30 am

Saturday 2.45 pm

Sunday 8.30 am

A reminder to everyone:

Please bring your water bottles to training to help reduce plastic waste and save our planet! For those members who have not collected their water bottles yet, you may collect from Peter Butsch this weekend.

Training Etiquette:

Please be on time for training. We need this time before paddling to ensure that the boats are ready, everyone has the right equipment, and that we have done a warm-up before getting on the boat. Please don’t leave it to your teammates to get everything ready for you. We also need this time to organise the line-up properly.

– If you are going to be late, please text Aoife at 8573 3285 before the meeting time.

– If you show up or text us too late and we do not have room on the kitted boat(s), you will not be able to train that day.

Boat(s) will launch at 3.30pm (Saturday), 9am (Sunday) and 7am(Wednesday) SHARP!!!


Please bring only what you need to training and try to avoid bringing large bags. Especially on Saturdays, as the bag cage gets very full and we want to make sure that everyone’s bag can be safely locked away.

Saturday Land Training

and Sunday Run

How do you feel after your first Saturday land training? Come down again for another session this Saturday. Be at the cage before 2pm (Aoife is checking the attendance)! Don’t be late! See this Facebook event for updates and info!

For Sunday, for those who are not training for Boracay, join Coach Waihong for a run right after the Sunday Race Training.

 Do you know who’s joining us this Tuesday?! Coach is coming at the  

Bootcamp of DOOM!

Find us at The Promontory @ Marina Bay (under the giant fans – message Jess Golding on Facebook for directions) from 7:30pm til 8:30pm. How much? $5 for PAYG members, and free for subscription members! What to bring? water, towel and a shitload of enthusiasm!

SAVA Sprints and DBS Marina Regatta Race Sign Ups

SAVA and DBS dates are now confirmed and open for registration. If you want to be part of the race selection crew and have a chance to race for these events, please click on this link to register.

Have you heard about WAAVE? It’s an app we’re trying that will help us keep track of attendance and allow you to pay for training, races etc. It can also be used in lots of bars and restaurants, and gives you a discount on your orders.


We’d really like to encourage our members to download the app and try it out. It’s not compulsory but we need to get a decent number of members using it to make it worthwhile. Please download the app, join the Gaelic Dragons using the password “ipaddle” and let us know what you think.

Subscription members, please let Aoife know once you’ve downloaded it and she’ll send you a code to validate your subscription on the app. Any issues or questions about setting it up, please ask!

Meanwhile… we want to bring something fun…

better save the dates for these upcoming events:

IDBC Pub Quiz – June 9

Gaelics Summer Party – July 22

Do you love writing?

We are encouraging those Gaelics who loves to write and would like to share their thoughts to the community. You can write about dragon boating, running, workouts, sports apparels, healthy eating or anything you think that would benefit a Gaelic. Email your article to info@gaelicdragons.com and be featured on our Gaelic Dragons website.

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